Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The shock, the horror!!

Sooo.... Everything was going great! Better than I could have ever expected. Quite wonderful actually.

Then on Monday,I developed an itchy welt around an incision site. Itchy doesn't begin to describe the itch!

Then I started feeling a little funny. Very tired.

Then I developed this pain. If I roll over in my sleep, it's the kind of pain you have nightmares about. I wake up screaming. It feels like my skin or an organ is ripping or tearing. So much so that I make my husband look at it because I'm certain there's blood. Luckily it goes away pretty fast, and I've pinpointed the movement that causes the pain, so I avoid that at all costs.

Monday and Tuesday we got the hurricane. Since it really didn't look like an infection... No noticeable pain other than the one linked to movement, no fever (I seriously never ever ever get a fever.... If I do it's like 99.1), and my biggest complaint was an itch... I did not know it was serious. I also didn't have many options because of the hurricane... Everything was closed. I did call the office Tuesday, but obviously I didn't get a return call.

So this morning, I woke up to that horrible pain, screaming. It seemed like it was just getting worse and worse. So I called and got an appointment at 10 am.

Luckily for me, it must have been pregnant people day.

The nurse took my blood pressure 140/60 and asked if that was normal for me... NO! I'm normally 120/80. Then she asked me what was wrong. I started telling her. She then asked that I list my biggest complaint... Obviously it's this pain. I could tell that she was starting to dismiss everything. I explained that this surgery was nothing in comparison to my last one. Finally I just lifted my shirt and shared exactly what was going on... Really let's cut to the chase here!!! Why don't you look at it?!?!?

So she leaves immediately and gets another nurse. Now there are two... The new nurse looks at it, she goes and gets a nurse practitioner who comes in and looks like she is watching the Hindenburg accident as its playing live on my stomach... THE SHOCK! THE HORROR! All 3 of them just sat there staring in disgust.

At this point I kind of start freaking out. The nurse practitioner just said this is bad, look how it's spreading. I told her i can tell from the look on her face. So then they go to get the doctor. Now I have 2 nurses, one Nurse practitioner, and a doctor looking at my stomach in disgust.

Then he said the following... I don't think I need to open you back up right now.

WAIT... WTF?!? WHAT!!!! Cue internal freak out now.

I have an infection. I'm on antibiotics And I have to get monitored very closely to see if I respond to the antibiotics. They have drawn all over my stomach and I guess are waiting to see if the spots go down. my next appointment is tomorrow. I'm hoping the antibiotics work!!

I'm doing okay, just really really tired.


  1. That does NOT sound good. I hope that the antibiotics work!

  2. Holy shit, girl! Thinking about you. That mess just needs to stop. For real.

  3. Oh, no! I hope that you respond quickly to the antibiotics!!

  4. Get better soon! That sucks, thinking of you.

  5. You can't catch a break can you? :-(. Thinking of you


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