Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When bad news = entertainment

Yesterday in the break room I caught the story of the guy jumping from 23 miles up.

*This hot air balloon, all alleged 55 stories of it, looks like its made of dollar store trash bags. Not really okay for trash, also not okay for for floating 23 miles up.

* His outfit. It looks exactly like Neil Armstrong's when he landed on the moon. Is this guy sure he will be able to pull his parachute?

*He's trying to break the sound barrier.... With his body. With his body!!!!!!!!!! I just think maybe this is a bad idea. Don't people in airplanes do this for a few seconds in the comfort of an airplane and nearly pass out? Which brings me back to... Are you going to be able to pull that cord? How do parachutes withstand that much wind during the free fall?

* The data collected during his fall is going to be collected for information on recreational space travel. In the event that your spacecraft breaks down you may be able to jump to earth. Seriously?!?

*It's sponsored by RedBull. Have you seen their commercials? It usually does not end well.

*his balloon takes flight from Roswell... How appropriate!

I could go on and on with this. Needless to say I, along with my coworkers, we're so excited to watch this jump... For all the wrong reasons. When people do incredibly stupid things... I really enjoy watching.

His flight was canceled because of the wind. THE WIND!!! You are trying to break a sound barrier with your body and you are worried about a breeze.

Thanks life for yet another disappointment.


  1. I thought....hmmm...I may be watching this guy about to die in front of me. And then it was aborted. The funniest comment I saw? "Red Bull gives you wings....unless it is too windy."

  2. We thought the same thing! That comment is hilarious.

  3. That guy is bananas.

  4. What the... seriously? this is something we need to try?

  5. OMG this post made me crack up. Thanks for the laugh. I have had a super shitty day! :)

  6. This was nuts! I heard about it on the radio and couldn't believe it!


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