Monday, October 22, 2012

Twas the night before transfer....

*released from the vault, already happened

It is the night before the transfer, I am cool as a cucumber. 

I read a fellow bloggers blog this morning and it was talking about how many of her embryos survived the thaw.  Then it hit me... My embryos are thawing... I wonder how many of ours survived the thaw.  I would know this had I not told that woman to tell me NOTHING! 

... and then I came full circle.

I could be flipping the fuck out right now, if we got bad news, and Im not.  Whew... Good decision!

It still didnt hit me what could be happening tomorrow.  I feel so numb to all of this.



  1. good luck, i know it's hard to be hopeful, but that's what all your blogger friends are for, we'll hope for you.

  2. Good luck! Sending you lots and lots of thoughts!!!!

  3. Thinking positive, lovely, sticky vibes on your behalf my darling!

  4. Yay, love that you are not freaking out now about it. Good plan!


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