Sunday, October 28, 2012

off balance

Every relationship needs balance.  A little ying and a little yang. 

In our relationship, I am the one that freaks out.  I am the one with the disaster kit ready for nuclear warfare. 

Well our balance is off.  I have been high on pain meds since Wednesday.  I knew there was a hurricane coming.  I sent my husband off to the grocery store to get cupcake supplies... that should have been his sign to step the hell up.  It wasn't.  '

Tonight we were watching the news, and the news kept saying this historical event.  I said I don't get it, what is so historical about it.  To which he informs me that it is the second largest hurricane of all time... or something to that effect. 

cue freak out.

This is what I get for making fun of the Amish.  We lose power all of the time. Ive been running around the house filling up Tupperware with ice, empty water bottles with water, I vacuumed because I don't want to sit in my filth for days on end.   

We are all going to die, the end is near... frankenstorm... you sneaky little bastard!

I'll likely be living in Amish paradise for a bit! 


  1. Hope all is well, I have been thinking of you all over there in the storm tossed wilds. Fingers crossed all is ok.

  2. I'm here from LFCA...I am so sorry about your cycle. Stay safe during the storm!


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