Thursday, November 1, 2012

Public Service Announcement

This is a PSA:  Apparently you can be allergic to the surgical glue dermabond, and when you are... it looks like this:

 I think this picture is upside down

I normally would not post such pictures of my lard, but seriously.... seriously!  I have been popping 2 benedryl every 2-3 hours because it just itches that bad!  There are two more incisions that look like this but those are near my lady bits and I believe it is illegal to post in 29 of 50 states. I'll spare you the details.

Today I had what was supposed to be my check up from surgery, this was with my real doctor.... whew.  She took one look at it and said this is a severe allergic reaction to dermabond glue.  Last time you had this surgery we didn't use this.  I can tell because we didn't use it on you belly button, and you don't have a reaction there. She said that I likely have a secondary infection because everything is so inflamed and nasty (paraphrased). 

She gave me steroids and said this should clear things up.  Crisis averted.  I can not wait for this to kick in.  Oh my God... please stop this itching! 

Surgery summary:  she's really glad we did the surgery because the pathology came back and I did have polyps in my ute.  At the time of surgery, she couldn't really see.  So this makes me feel better. 
The old ute is fresh and clean.  We scheduled the next cycle.  Meds start 11/11... and so here we go... on to the next one. 


  1. Hooray for the fresh clean ute!!!! This next cycles gonna work I know it!

  2. What a roller coaster. Can it get any crazier? Glad you get to jump back in to cycling soon!

  3. i can't see the picture, but i'm allergic to it too and went through a year of hell because of it, so i can imagine what it looks like.

    1. I have a PC and an iPad. When I blog from my iPad I can't see pictures on my pc, when I blog from my pc I can't see pictures on my iPad. I can't win! If anyone has a suggestion, Please feel free to help me!

      I can not imagine dealing with it for a year, or on a c-section! If the incision to welt ratio is accurate I'd be screwed if it were a larger incision. It's seriously awful!!

    2. it was a laparoscopy thank god, and when i had my next two and my c-section i asked them not to use it.

    3. and i only have a pc so i don't know about the photo thing :(

    4. Drunkinly, I think I updated the photo.

    5. Also, please tell me that you did not itch for a year? Puhlease! My elwel is going down but the itch is still there!

  4. Ugh. I'm sorry you have to deal with such a nasty infection. No bueno!

  5. Oh my goodness ... you poor thing! Here's hoping it clears up soon, and in the meantime, cheers to a fresh and clean ute!


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