Monday, November 12, 2012

Every day we are cycling....

Sung to Party Rock and you have yourself a catchy little tune. That's what this feels like.  Now where are those dancing hamsters?

So we started this next cycle.  Doping began last night.  I expect this to be relatively uneventful because FET cycles are so long, and boring.... totaling about 6 weeks.  No follicles to admire. Nada.  Plus at this point, it's our third transfer. We are sort of experts now... and after this, we will have sampled all of the RE's at our clinic and be able to make a recommendation to any patients based on what they need.  (I wish there was a sarcastic smiley face).  I can think of nothing better than being those straggler patients that dont get knocked up and ruin the clinics statistics.  That's us.

On that note.... I leave you with this:

Last cycle, there was an injury during a doping session.  Im questioning whether it was an accident, my husband has threatened me on numerous occasions with the progesterone needle (in jest... so he says). So I had just got my shot and my husband was rubbing the oil in my arse.  Romantic right?

I reached back... and this happened.

The needle went through my finger and punctured my other finger.  It didnt actually hurt that bad, but when I saw it I thought I was going to vomit. 


  1. OUCH!! glad it didn't hurt that bad...

  2. ick, injectibles are no fun. hope you can avoid any future mishaps.

  3. That would freak me out too! Yea for starting a new cycle.

  4. Ew. Take control of the needle.

  5. OMG. Just the pictures make me want to vomit! I can't imagine what it was like to see it in real life! Eeeeeesh. Looking forward to cheering you on for this FET!!

  6. Uggggggh that pic makes me kinda sick too. Blech.

    Best of luck this cycle. I'm rooting for you!!


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