Friday, November 2, 2012

Liebster Award

D at My Life is about the Journey     was so kind as to nominate me for an award.... it's a major award!  I cant even believe people read this.  More importantly, I am so happy to have found others going through some similar situations that understand. 

So here's how this goes... I answer her 11 questions and then I nominate my favorite bloggers and get them to answer 11 of my questions.

So here goes nothing:

1.  Skiing vacation or beach vacation?  Which is your idea of how to spend a relaxing day?
      I have a long list of irrational fears... one of them is killing a child while skiing down the bunny
     slope.  So I prefer the beach.  My idea of a relaxing day would be at the beach in the Caribbean
     somewhere.  Sitting next to my husband with a drink in hand.

2.  Coffee or tea?
     Well that depends on the temperature of the drink.  If cold, I prefer tea... If hot, coffee.  The
     thought of iced coffee turns my stomach. It's not something I have ever tried, nor do I ever intend
     to.  Siiiiiiiiiiick... cold coffee.... shivers.

3.  Do you have any pets?  If so, what kinds?
     I have two dogs, Doc and Lucy.  Doc is a yellow lab, and Lucy is a Weimaraner.
     Here's a video I took during the hurricane to showcase some of their antics.  The flash, is Lucy. 
     She had cabin fever.

4.  Do you have any siblings?  If so, how many?  Are you close to them?
     I have a brother and a sister.  Honestly, I hate their guts.  Just kidding!  I am the oldest, then My
     sister-nurse of the year and my baby brother (he will always be my baby brother) he is a bar
     tender and I love that he makes me drinks.

5.  iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or other cell phone?  Iphone.  Why use anything else?

6.  What is your favorite type of cuisine (i.e. Italian, Chinese, etc.)?  Italian.... I heart carbs!

7.  What is the biggest part of your life that IF or PL has affected?
     Well in an attempt to be more positive, I will start out with this.  I have a pretty amazing marriage
     because of it.

     It has taken over everything... finances, friendships, work.  This shit sucks.
8.  Do you have a lot of good friends or a few great friends?
     I'd prefer to have a few great friends. 

9.  If you could meet one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
     Im going to own something pretty major here.... BRITNEY SPEARS pre shaved head.  I am a dork.

10.  What is your favorite Halloween candy?
       I love candy corn. 

11.  If you could have one wish (except for more wishes, haha) what would it be?
       For my husband to be a father.  I really can not imagine a more deserving person.  Obviously I
       would not like to see him become a father due to a sordid affair.  Although given his SA, I don't
       think I need to worry about that... hahaha... I crack myself up.  Love him.  I think I read in the
       infertility handbook that if you are both messed up, it's perfectly acceptable to make fun of each

So here's where I come up with 11 of my own questions.... uff.  I should probably tell you I am not having a particularly great day.  I am day drinking, by myself, on steroids post allergic reaction... did I just paint a vivid picture of where I am at right now?

1.  What is your most embarrassing obsession (example: Me=Britney Spears)?
2.  Do you like dogs?  Do you have pets?
Pinned Image
3.  What are you most Thankful for this year?
4.  Seriously, how fucking bad does infertility suck?
5. Sometimes people say they would not wish infertility on their worst enemy... I'm not sure I fall into that category because I am a jerk... What is your stance on that?  Im sure you are all better people than I am.
6.  What is your favorite dessert? 
7.  What is your most embarrassing moment?   Mine was when I walked into a street light in Philly and my head made  a noise so loud that people across the street were laughing.  I cant blame them, I would have died if I saw that.
8.  Besides fertility treatments, what would you do if you won the lotto... bigtime?
9.  If I were to tell you to just relax you will get pregnant what horrible things are you doing to me in your mind?
10.  Wine or Beer?  I prefer wine, not because Im sophisticated, but because it packs a punch.
11.  If money were of no big thang, where would you move?

So here's my list:
1. Erin @
2.  Lisa @
3. Janet @
4. Stupid Stork @

Im way too into my drink to cut and paste more links into my blog.  Melt down continues....


  1. Awww shucky shucks, you are amazeballs.

    I also share your completely irrational fear of skiing. Although I'm mostly convinced I'd ski right into a tree.

  2. My dog does that same thing when we mention the cat that lives next door, Alfredo. We just say the name, Alfredo, and he freaks out and runs all over the house from window to window looking for him. Any time he is outside he goes to look for Alfredo in the bushes even though Alfredo has kicked the living shit hout of him several times. Haha!!


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