Monday, November 5, 2012

I need a sign.

I went back to work today.  After spending a half day here, I can honestly say it's a toss up as to which I would rather have... hives or be at work?

Uff... I really need to get my life in order, but then again... that's sort of a joke.

The universe has a funny way of poo pooíng any plans I make. 

I think I need a sign... because right now the universe is telling me I should live under an overpass and pick up a drug habit.

You?  Any life plans? 


  1. No. I don't make life plans, either. It ensures that the Universe will vomit on me. I think I was a murderer and rapist in a former life.

    1. Same here! I think I skinned babies!

  2. Replies
    1. So this weekend we had a very important decision to make. Which outlets to go to? One by the beach, the other in Amish country. We went to the beach. I'm scared! I'll never look at Amish running in a cornfield the same! They are likely running from an English friend! I am so disturbed by that show!

  3. No life plans, just trying my best to avoid intravenous drugs.

    Let me know if you have an overpass in mind - I may join you.

  4. Right now my plan is to become so zen I might as well be using IV drugs. Why pay money for something I'm told is free and comes from within?

  5. I feel like I am floating in nothingness with no control of where my life is going. I have loads of life plans, I just don't seem to be able to make any of them happen.


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