Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wish me luck... Whatever that means

I'm about to go to the RE... I'm multitasking while I'm there. I have to visit with this woman about embryo donation. Why? I don't know, but they tell me I have to do it, so I am. I sort of feel like I'm on a 20/20 special getting scammed on a pretty consistant basis. Like the baby ransom money we previously gave them wasn't enough. After that, I have to get a Sonohysterogram. This is the test where they hook your cervix up to a catheter, fill your uterus with saline, and explore with the ultrasound. Cycle day 5 just happened to occur on a day I already had an appointment, I'm certain I will be billed two copays. :) (is there a sarcasm smiley face because a wink does not seem appropriate). The outcome of today's test will determine if I have to have surgery again. They will be checking for polyps. They already know I have endometriosis. So this means if they spot a polyp, they schedule surgery, and I get a drill bit to my belly button again. I'm alright with everything else they do, all of the other incisions, but for the love of Christ and all things holy could you leave my belly button alone! my belly button just stopped looking like it needed anal bleaching cream from my previous surgery a year ago. Dilemma: "they" say, and by "they", I mean the people who bill you and the insurance company, say that you are most fertile after this... Clean out the cobweb uterine surgery. So I'm having a difficult time figuring out what kind of outcome I'm hoping for here. Especially with this frozen embryo transfer coming up. By not wanting this surgery am I hoping for a failed FET? So wait, am I hoping for another drill bit to the belly button? Are you confused? So am I! Ps. Do you ever look at the google search results that show how people find you blog? Well you won't believe how many people are looking for baby diaper cakes and I'm sure are very disappointed when they are greeted with the tampon cake!


  1. I'm definitely confused, but also amused. I hate my scars from my lap surgeries they leave nothing to be desired. Hoping your appointment went well and that no polyps were found. FYI, I had polyps and didn't need a lap to remove them, just a D&C.

  2. I hope that's the case, however bc of the endo, they multitask on surgeries.

  3. sounds like you didn't end up having to do the surgery? i had a whopping THREE laparoscopies due to stage III endo. as far as surgery goes, it's really not that bad and we did end up with a baby in the end, but, i'm glad you don't have to do it as surgery is not something i would really place into the "fun" category.

    1. it's funny, when I had the surgery, the doctor told me I'd be up and moving around the next day. In my mind, I was going to be back on the treadmill walking the next day. That was a far cry from what happened. I didnt realize up and walking meant... to the bathroom in a hunched position feeling like your organs were about to drop out. I also ended up turning into the good year blimp and puking thanks to an allergic reaction to percocet. If I had to do it again, I have no doubt that it wouldnt be like the first time because I'd have a better understanding of what to expect. The first time, I was totally blindsided. It took me about 5 days to feel ok. I am so grateful I dont have to do it. My memory of the first one was not a great one.


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